What They Say About Us

We have searched the net looking for feedback, reviews and suggestions.
Here is what people who have tried VIVO think about us.
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TripAdvisor - 5/5

We have been rated Restaurant #1 in Grand Cayman for several months in a row and since the grand opening, VIVO has always been among the top 10 restaurants in Cayman Islands.

Facebook - 5/5

With over a hundred of positive reviews, our lovely customers and Facebook followers gave us a lot of love and thumbs up. Thank you :-)

Google - 4.8/5

With a growing number of positive reviews, we are climbing up the ladder with a goal of a 5/5 score at the horizon.

OpenTable - 4.8/5

A relatively new platform for us, we are now collecting a lot of positive reviews and feedback. 

HappyCow - 4/4

HappyCow prevents more than 4 stars rating if the restaurant isn't fully vegetarian or vegan. Most of the reviewers wanted to score us a 5 stars.