It’s a wonderful little haven of gastronomic calm they have created.
— Ali K (London, United Kingdom)

This place is just the best. I’m not a veggie but I choose to eat here because the food is simply delicious.
— Caymanleft (Cranleigh, United Kingdom)

Vivo is amazing. Everything is locally sourced and made with love. Even for non-vegan/veggies this place has plenty of options.
— On_sevenmile (Grand Cayman)

The ultimate test if a restaurant is good is would you go back If it was in your hometown? The answer to this question for Vivo is yes
— bfosbur Niwot (Colorado)

“Gorgeous food, gorgeous views and gorgeous vibe!”
Heaven in the form of coconut bacon and falafel!
— CaymanClaire (Grand Cayman)

Tasty food and highly recommended by West Bay residents.
— Lissy2013 (George Town, Grand Cayman)

“Fabulous little restaurant for the environmentally minded”
This was my favorite place on the island.
— snowmp

“Surprising find and incredible food!!! ”
This food might have been some of the best we had on the island!
— DC_Emjay (Washington DC, District of Columbia)

“Healing food prepared with love - please publish a cookbook”
Wow - beautiful oceanfront sunsets, warm & friendly staff, and the best meals I had while on the island. This place is a treasure.
— wisconsin_foodie_150 (Madison, Wisconsin)

“Love, Love Love Vivo!”
If you are vegan, it is the place to go to, if not it is still the place to go to!
— ShazzaH101 (Grand Cayman)

Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian or a meat eater, everything here is just so fresh and delicious!
— TheresaWaterford_NY (Waterford, NY)

This place has the best service and food anyone could want.
— supersuetyrrell (Dublin, Ireland)

If you are vegan, it is the place to go to, if not it is still the place to go to!
— ShazzaH101 (Grand Cayman)

The first thing you notice about Vivo is that they really care. They care about the quality of their food, where they get their ingredients (all locally sourced), their customers’ dietary needs (plentiful and filling vegetarian and vegan options), and about keeping their little island sustainable and beautiful.
— Steve B (Denver, Colorado)

Firstly, PLEASE don’t be put off if you aren’t Vegan, because I’m not vegetarian, yet I ate some of the most fantastic, flavorful, food ever at Vivo.
— Ian R (United Kingdom)

Vivo is live food... for your taste buds... it is beautiful scenery for your eyes... it is ocean breezes on your skin... it is delicious aromas for your nose... happy ambiance for dining with friends and family!
— Adonza Harrison (Grand Cayman)

To be honest, I was a little hesitant about this place. I was not sure since they did not serve meat. They shocked me and my friends!! It was the best meal I had on the island!!!
— Tanya T (Cleveland, Ohio)

Even for a hard wired steak eater as myself, the food is sublime, and worthy of a revisit over and over honestly don’t realize it is vegan.
— KiwiinMilan (Brussels, Belgium)

Best food we’ve had on the island. We went right before the sunset and were able to see the breathtaking view.
— Alex M

Even if you are a hardcore meat eater your taste buds and body will be ecstatic that you treated them to this food and your eyes will love the view. All I can say is GO GO and GO again!!!
— love2experiencelife (Grand Cayman)

I’m not kidding. This is my favorite restaurant, not in Grand Cayman alone, but in the world now.
— csv0nb (Connecticut)

Very tasty. Great service! Very affordable on this expensive island.
— drjill32 (Denver, Colorado)

Healing food prepared with love - Please publish a cookbook.
— wisconsin_foodie_150 (Madison, Wisconsin)

Absolutely by far and away my favorite place to eat of all the places we visited on the entire island in the 2 weeks we were here!!! That should say a lot!
— erisley2015 (Washington DC)

I could be a vegetarian if I had Vivo in my hometown!
— CarolaEMurphy

Super nice staff and the best food we ate on our whole trip! The food is just insanely flavorful.
— SavvyCavy (Toronto, Canada)

Outstanding food and service. Evident that great care was put into food preparation. Five stars.....we will be back!
— david L

The food at Vivo is unique and delicious. We enjoyed lunch so much we went back the next day for breakfast.
— ShelleyLovesTX (Dayton, Ohio)

Vivo is alive in West Bay and swayed this carnivore with its vegetarian/vegan delicacies.
— Gloriana T

Although I am an “omnivore” I can truly say I have thoroughly enjoyed each visit to this charming spot overlooking the beautiful Caribbean.
— CayManTA (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

The food here is healthy & delicious, with an owner who is environmentally conscious and green. I was in Cayman for 5 days and came here 3 times.
— abbedoobie (New York City, New York)

Worth coming back to grand Cayman just to eat at vivo.
— rosalie b

Excellent service, outstanding food and wonderful atmosphere with ocean and sunset views.
— jlanelindsay7 (Bailieboro, Canada)

I don’t usually choose to eat in vegetarian restaurants, but we ate our lunch here on two separate days and were really delighted. The food was delicious and the service was excellent.
— gelandpat (UK)

This restaurant had the best food on the island. The pan seared lionfish was unbelievable.
— ShellyK617 (Excelsior, Minnesota)

Not only is the food nutritionally and ethically sound, it’s delicious!
— lemonielove (Grand Cayman)

The fish is the best we’ve had while spending seven days on the island. The Sunday roast is excellent.
— Orantk (Arizona)

They are really conscious about environment: the napkins are made of wheat, the cutlery from bamboo and straws are made of corn.
— patosm14 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Healthy, fresh local food that is amazingly tasty.
— travelily (New York City, New York)

Creative, high quality menu, with sustainable ingredients. Charming and gracious service.
— LBAustin (Austin, Texas)

There is always a little gem that you look for on a holiday and VIVO is it.
— bobbykeld (Sydney, Australia)

The all sustainable, organic food is made with love, “from beginning to end”
— cAAptain (Thousand Oaks, CA)

The food is amazing, the view is spectacular, the staff is friendly, and it’s a perfect setting. This is a must go to restaurant!
— David T (Davie, Florida)

The food was amazing and at a really affordable price which is rare on the island.
— dreadypalma (palma)

It was my 3rd day on the island and I’ve had my fill of steak places, heavy pastas, and the same basic fare I find at home. I wanted something different, something on the lighter side, something unique. Vivo delivered, big time.
— cockrumk (Dallas, Texas)

I really appreciate that a vegan/vegetarian exception is made for lionfish. Absolutely brilliant!
— LaRee J (Raleigh, North Carolina)

The owner waited on us and explained Vivo’s approach and his desire to “change the world one meal at a time.”
— LInDawn

I was so sad when my meal was over! The fish was incredible, so fresh (they cull it on their dives at the dive shop there), and so good!
— wombat1223 (Charlottesville, Virginia)

A very nice experience for the whole family, all four meals were exceptional.
— rlopes2015 (Union, New Jersey)

It’s a holy grail restaurant. You’re vacation here is worthless unless you visit here.
— Denise M (Darien)

Food was to die for! Fresh, unique flavor.
— Craig W