The Cayman Islands, my plant-based Paradise

December 11, 2017

My three months in the Cayman Islands are coming to an end and, as you can probably tell from The Cayman Diaries Part 1 and Part 2, one of the things I love about Grand Cayman is its yummy food! From the decadent brunches with bubbles to the delicious variety of plant based meals. 

Plant based? Yes, vegan to be precise. If I had to sum myself up using only food, it would probably read along the lines of “likes all types of dried fruit, enjoys carrots, loves avocado, dies for salmon sashimi and pretty much a weekday vegan”. Now, to be clear, I’m not a vegan, nor will I probably ever fully enter vegan territory. Why not? I am not quite ready to go cold turkey on my turkey. Christmas after all is right around the corner.

 “I am not quite ready to go cold turkey on my turkey”

 Being a weekday vegan does not mean that I just eat carrots from Monday to Friday. Matter of fact, have you heard of jerk tofu, cashew-cheese cheesecake, coconut ceviche and avocado-chocolate mousse? Neither did I, until I discovered my three favorite vegan restaurants in Cayman’s plant-based paradise!

 VIVO Café Restaurant

 This is number one with a bullet! So if you are vegan, it is the place to go to, if not it is still the place to go to! From all restaurants (plant, fish and meat based) in the Cayman Islands, VIVO is my favorite restaurant with its amazing high quality food, super friendly staff and beautiful views. Located on the Northwest coast of West Bay on Grand Cayman, VIVO offers a stunning ocean view out on North West Point. VIVO’s eco-friendly menu offers locally sourced vegan and vegetarian options, with the exception of lionfish. Lionfish is justifiably on the menu due to its delicious taste and the fact that it is an invasive species ravaging the Cayman Island’s reefs.