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VIVO has created a special menu in support of

"PwC Ocean Awareness Week"

and will donate 5$ CI per menu to the

"Cayman Islands Shark Project"

of the Department of Environment.

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3-course menu for 29$ ONLY!

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PwC Ocean Awareness Week

For the second year running, PWC's employees will compete with one another in a series of Ocean Friendly Challenges and this year they are extending the challenge to everyone in Cayman. Things you and/or your company can do:

1.) Arrange a beach clean-up
2.) Walk, cycle, carpool (cut down on carbon emissions that eventually result in Coral Bleaching such as is happening in Cayman right now)
3.) Eliminate single-use plastics!
4.) Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle
5.) Eat sustainable seafood and support companies that are committed to environmentally friendly practices
6.) Raise funds for the people striving to save our oceans ("Plastic Free Cayman" & the "DOE Shark Project are our picks of the week)
7.) Have fun!-

For more information on the PwC Ocean Awareness Week email cloete.marique@ky.pwc.com

The Cayman Islands Shark Project Summary
By Dept. of Environment and Marine Conservation International

The Cayman Islands Sharks Project provides information leading to a greater understanding, both locally and regionally, of the need to conserve these species and the environment on which they depend. With the help of acoustic tags, underwater camera traps and diving surveys, the Department of Environment together with Marine Conservation International, supported by the Cayman Islands Brewery’s White Tip shark conservation fund, have been studying, monitoring and working to protect sharks in Cayman since 2009. Sharks are now protected under the National Conservation Law in coastal and offshore Cayman waters since 2015. In order to monitor their populations and behavior this work now also includes a Sharklogger programme which involves a network of divers, snorkelers and diving centers on all three islands who are recording their dives all year around. 
For more information on the Cayman Islands Shark Project email sharkloggers@gmail.com.