Waiting for assistance

I really need some help here!

Since the beginning of February I'm experiencing several problem with Aldelo Touch.

Some of them are really bad and are compromising my daily operation at the restaurant.

I spent almost 6 hours at the phone with the technical support and I sent several email...

Unfortunately nothing has been solved yet.

Now this is a major issue and I really need to get all of the problem solved ASAP.

As it's not possible for me to send attachment to the email to the technical support (non sense) I have to waste more time putting this webpage together to show all the Aldelo's technicians about all the issues we are experiencing.

Problem 1

Check re opening by them self


The check on the right side has been done the 14th of January.
It was closed regularly with a cash payment of $75 cash and a USD Card of $19.40 (Extra tips added to the card $2.40).
I have double check the report of the 14th of January and the check was in there, part of the total revenue.

On the 5th of February the same server clocked it and "magically" found that check opened from the 14th of February and with only the cash partial payment of $75 (see the check on the left).
She worked the day before (4th of February) and she closed all the tables and she clocked out (we did set up the system to prevent anybody to clock out if they didn't close all the table and the cashier out).
So that table appear magically over night, out of nowhere.

Auto transfer from another server?
Not possible, the option is locked and there is not auto transfer allowed without the employee authorization.. 


Half of the Staff unable to clock out

This is the most annoying problem of them all...

I did set up all the security roles and assigned "Time Card Only Users" to all back of the house employee.
This means all the chefs can only clocked in and out and nothing else... top!

Now here we have another mystery...
Nobody on the back of the house is now able to clock out because the system, somehow, thinks that all of them have open tables of something... and once again, this is impossible.
There is no way they can use any of that function...

Has been two day that all my employees on the back of the house cannot use the time card option...

This is a BIG BIG issue and still nobody at the technical support can figure it out...


Unable to remove FIRE from guest check

Fire (2).jpg

This seems like a pretty easy thing to fix but apparently it's not because after 2 hours at the phone with the technical support this is still an open issue...

Anytime I hit the FIRE button to fire one course the FIRE words appears underneath every items and there is no way to hide it from the guest check.


Void on kitchen printer

Apparently this option should avoid the kitchen printer to print all the void but even here there is a glitch.

I tried to select, deselect, syn the iPad and even deactivate and activate the iPad again... nothing is working.


Receipt Name

Receipt Name (1).jpg

Technically on the guest check the "product receipt name" should be printed just like "Coconut Ceviche" without the letter L at the end.